Day 1 of Intermittent Fasting

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Fasting…. It’s one of those words that just used to make me kind of cringe – definitely not something I thought I’d ever be looking forward to. Even when I converted to Catholicism, while I understood why some people would choose to fast on Thursdays instead of just go meatless, it was something that I kind of internally scoffed at in disbelief and told myself that I was not doing. Right now, at 2:20 a.m. on Monday morning, as I find myself wide awake in a sleeping house, I am actually excited about our first day of fasting.

My husband and I have been thinking about started a new diet since Thanksgiving (2017), but it took us a while to land on Intermittent Fasting (an eating regiment) instead. We told ourselves we were going to start dieting on the 1st of the year. Cliché, right? Well, we kind of thought so too. Plus when the New Year’s Eve rolled around and we were watching the celebration in Times Square on TV, neither of us were really excited about starting anything the following day. We have two daughters, full time jobs, a house, I just graduated college a few weeks ago, and my husband is at the half-way mark for his schooling – we think he is anyway, he’s a smarty, so I could see him wanting to continue even after his GI Bill is done and he’s gotten his Bachelor’s Degree, but we’ll see. Regardless, we are busy 24 year olds, and the average diet out there seems to require so much prep and keeping track of what you eat and how long you’re exercising, that for us, it seemed like a lot of hassle to willingly bring into our lives. So when December 31st rolled around and we still hadn’t decided what kind of diet we were going to start the following day, we decided to really concentrate on research and deciding over the next week. We told ourselves that we’d decide and start whatever it is beginning on January 8th – and here we are, it’s January 8th.

So how did that get us to Intermittent Fasting? Honestly, we discovered Intermittent Fasting through on TV. We just got a new one for Christmas and it allows us to view previous segments from the Today Show, and so we were watching Megyn Kelly Today and they had a show comparing a couple of different diets – one of them being Intermittent Fasting. This lady lost 50 pounds by fasting and claimed that she was convinced to try it after watching a BBC documentary.

My husband and I then decided to see what other people say about the eating regiment, so we went to YouTube. We found countless videos of people talking about ways to do it, 16:8 or 24 hr. schedules, the pros and cons of Intermittent Fasting, what not to do, and what to know about it before getting into it. We discovered another two videos where this BBC documentary was mentioned. After that we had to check it out. After watching that documentary, I made my choice. I am trying this. My husband was sold too, and here we are today, him asleep and me oddly awake and sharing my thoughts with my laptop.

For me, this is a big deal. I even told my parents and sisters about it while we were having Sunday dinner last night. I have to do something, and I refuse to continue to make excuses. Right before Thanksgiving I hit 200 pounds. This is a weight that I have never seen in my life. From 6th grade to 12th grade I maintained the same height and weight, I kid you not. As I was graduating from high school, I could still nicely fit into my favorite pair of jeans – which were just some random pair that I picked out from Walmart before starting 6th grade. I basically grew to my final height of 5’3” while being in the 6th grade, and naturally maintained a weight of between 118 and 125 until college. In my first two years I gained another 15 or 20 pounds, depending on the semester. Even then, though, the normal person would not have considered me to be heavy or overweight. My hips got a little fuller and I had to retire my size 6 jeans from the 6th grade, but that was about it. It was in the summer of 2014 that I found out I was pregnant with our first daughter, and since then, my weight has only increased. I got to 165 pounds before finding out that I was pregnant with our second daughter. And today, 15 months after having our second daughter, I am at a number that I never thought I would see on the scale.

So I am doing Intermittent Fasting. My husband and I agreed that a 24 hr. schedule is best for our lives and the easiest to maintain. I really just didn’t want to think that hard about when I started eating and when I need to stop for it to be 8 hours and yada, yada, yada. Our eating vs. fasting schedule will look like this:

  • Monday – Fasting Day
  • Tuesday – Eating Day
  • Wednesday – Fasting Day
  • Thursday – Eating Day
  • Friday – Fasting Day
  • Saturday – Eating Day
  • Sunday – Eating Day

This schedule just worked out perfectly for our personal lives. My parents like to hang out with the babies on Tuesday nights, and that’s normally when we take care of school stuff, so eating nearly whatever we want to is almost necessary on those days. Then Saturday and Sundays are normally full of extended family and friend, and always seem to be centered around food. For me, Friday is going to be the hardest day to resist the urge to eat. Especially for the first 3-6 weeks (the adjustment period for a new habit). On Friday nights I tend to eat whatever I want to in celebration of the week being done, this is especially true if my week was especially irritating, so not doing that is going to be tough.

What I have to add to all of this, for anyone who is reading this (I’ve just now decided to post this on WordPress), I can still have coffee on fasting days, which is amazing!! No cappuccino, but I can still do coffee, and I’m considering drinking green tea as well.. but we’ll see how that goes. This is something that we came across between all of the videos and the segment on Megyn Kelly Today – the fasting days don’t have to be 100% no calorie intake. You are allowed to have a crutch during the day if you need one, however, it is better to less than 500 calories. In fact, if you get even close to 500 calories that day, then you should just keep eating like you normally would and count it as an eat day and adjust your schedule for the week.

I personally don’t think I’m going to need a crutch, but I’m saying this at, now 3:20 a.m. and so I may be wrong. I’ll let you know ;). Something that my husband and I did agree on, is that for our eat days, we will changing our diet a little bit. We don’t eat nearly enough lean proteins, fruits or vegetables in our house. With two growing kids and with us trying to be healthier for ourselves and for them, we have decided that making that change, in addition to the fasting, is the best choice for us. Disclaimer: we are not in any way shape or form including our children in the fasting. We are still going to make them their 3 daily meals and their snacks, just with healthier ingredients.

Okay, well I’m going to head back to bed. I think I’m going to keep blogging about this, so if you’re interested, follow me and I’ll keep you updated on how this all goes. My husband and I “weighed in” last night before bed so that we could track our progress as we go. I was literally at 200.00. We will weigh in every Sunday night after our girls go to sleep, but assuming this process is as satisfying as I think it’s going to be, you can expect to hear from me a couple of times during these first few weeks.

Have an excellent day! I think I’m going to 🙂

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